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Of the facial skin rejuvenation procedures, the use of botulinum toxin has a well-established, long-standing position. It is a very safe medicine, used in appropriate dosages and conditions. Already over 20 years ago it was used, for example, in blepharospasm, the treatment of bruxism (gnashing of teeth in a dream) or zebra, cervical dystonia (NeuroBloc), now even in certain types of headaches.

Among several serotypes of botulinum toxin, we currently use a few commercial preparations in the gabiniez, eg Azzalure, Botoks®, Bocouture.

Their action lasts for several weeks, depending on the dose, for example, the frontal muscle regains its contractility even after 6 months.

On average, the onset of action takes place after 4-6 days, full effect after 2 weeks.

The interval between successive applications of botulinum toxin should not be shorter than 12 weeks.

Beneficial effects are obtained by combining filling with hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, which allows to extend the period of elimination of deeper wrinkles of the skin.

The treatment, preceded by consultation, lasts a dozen or so minutes and does not require anesthesia, the pins are slightly burning, they usually do not leave any marks. The season does not matter.

The indications for administration are the wrinkles of the upper part of the face:

between vertical eyebrows
horizontal lines on the forehead
around the eyes (crow’s feet)
wrinkles of the skin of the nose

At the patient’s request, you can relax superficial muscles of the neck that create horizontal wrinkles and vertical bands in 55+ people and so-called “Granulated” beard or wrinkles around the mouth.

Botulinum toxin is not administered to people:

during pregnancy and while breastfeeding
with severe diseases like cancer, leukemia and just after treatment
with skin infections (herpes, purulent pustules, etc.) around the injection
in diseases with neuromuscular disorders, e.g. in myasthenia
during and immediately after antibiotic therapy, while taking anticoagulant drugs
in people allergic to the toxin, which is extremely rare

After this treatment, do not touch, massage injection sites, avoid major physical exercise, sauna or other treatments in the tissues of the area.

A separate indication for administration of botulinum toxin is hyperhidrosis (hyperhydrosis). The best results are obtained by applying Dysport to the skin. This usually inhibits sweating for about 8 months. Due to the large area undergoing treatment, it is more expensive.