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We want to invite you to mutual cooperation. We realize that modern dentistry often presents us with big challenges and we are not always able to cope with them. Our Practice has experienced staff who are ready to help in the diagnosis, consultation and treatment of patients who cause special therapeutic problems.

We would like to pay particular attention to orthodontic treatment, in the field that is closest to us and, as we believe, the most difficult to obtain professional help. Three of our Orthodontic Doctors are available to you and your patients.
Nevertheless, if you decide, we are also ready for help in endodontic treatment (we have a Zeiss surgical microscope), prosthetic, surgery

jaws (including implantology) or periodontal scans at the highest level. We believe that you will receive special help and understanding in these areas.

What is important, our doctors, after expressing opinions, consultations, or conducting treatment in the area for which they will be asked, will direct the patient back to your offices!

We assure you that in this way we successfully cooperate with many Physicians and our relationships have never become a source of conflict.
In the event that our offer is attractive to you, please contact us directly or indicate to the patient our contact details.